• Acupressure Massage

    Acupressure is one of a number of Asian bodywork therapies (ABT). It utilizes the principles of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The goal of acupressure is to restore health and balance to the body’s meridians and to regulate opposing forces of yin and yang. Acupressure refers to the application of finger pressure on specific points to balance the body’s energy. When pressed, they release muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood and the body’s life force to aid healing.

  • Hot Stone

    Hot stone massage is a popular therapy for many conditions including: muscle tension, pain, stress, anxiety, sleep, autoimmune and boosting your immunity. During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat heated stones are placed on specific parts of your body. The stones are made of a volcanic rock that retains heat which helps you relax and your muscle tension dissipate.

  • Myofascial Release

    Myofascial Therapy is gentle, deep manipulation which releases fascia from restrictions or adhesions binding it to underlying tissue. Fascia encases muscle, organs, blood vessels, bones, nerves, and essentially weaves throughout the body. Fascia binds down in order to protect or “bandage” during surgery, injury on all levels, poor posture, or repetitive-use activities.

  • Sports Massage

    Sports Massage is based on principles of classical Swedish massage incorporating techniques of: compression, trigger point therapy, and cross fiber friction. The main purpose of sports massage therapy is to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity.  Sports massage helps to prepare an athlete for peak performance, drain away fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility and prevent injuries.

  • Range of Motion Massage

    Range of Motion in the joints is vital for efficient function. By combining various types of massage such as Thai, Swedish and NMT along with isolating the muscle attachments, PRH has developed its own technique. RoM is based on the belief that we must loosen the end and beginning of the muscle in order to relax what is in-between. The result is longer lasting relaxation of the tissue which equates to less relapse of the pain cycle.

  • Pre-Natal Massage

    The ordinary aches and pains of pregnancy are countered by the release of serotonin during massage. Fatigue, backaches, leg cramps and swelling/edema can all be relieved through various types of massage for pregnant women. Headaches can be relieved during your pre-natal massage and maintaining optimal levels of stress relief can help reduce the chances of migraines or tension headaches. Using relaxing trigger points and encouraging blood flow to the afflicted areas helps ease muscle spasms and muscle tension created by your changing body. Pre-natal massage helps provide more nutrient-rich oxygen in your body and increases the flow of lymphatic fluid, which sweeps away toxins and metabolic waste.

  • Ayruvedic Massage

    Ayruvedic Massage is part of Ayurveda a healing system that was developed thousands of years ago in India. It holds that health and wellness rely on a balance between the mind, body, and spirit and harmony with the rhythms of nature. A disruption of this harmony can lead to poor health and sickness. Ayurvedic massage uses different techniques to help with lymphatic drainage, relaxation, detoxification, and balancing the body.

Massage Rates

30 minutes: $40

60 minutes: $65

90 minutes: $100

Massage with acupuncture included is an additional $20 to massage price listed above.